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Key Features

Bulk Product Import / Export

Import and Export for XML, XLS, CSV, JSON, e-commerce sites, e-marketplaces.

Scheduled Tasks

Schedule your imports and exports to any time, any period.

Smart Functions

Our functions helps you to manipulate ypur data on the fly.

CDN for images

Worried about large file sizes? We can host image files for you!


Get prepared for http://*** subdomain for your company!

User Friendly Interface

Mappings are just easy to manage such as drag'n drop.

Unlimited Database Columns

Do you have loooots of database field columns? No problem. Define them as you wish.

Time Saving Quality Score

No need to determine which products information is available for market. We'll inform you!

Currency Conversion

Define your projcts base currency and we'll convert exchange rates for you, under your control.

Discrete Projects

Create as much projects as you can. There are no limits.

Export Filters

Need to export categorized product? Or export products only in stock? Filter it yourself!

Single Company License

There is no user license. Just add users, projects and authorize them!

Order Management (coming soon)

You have single inventory for all dealers an your e-commerce site. So what if they or you sell one? Does your stock decrement?

API (coming soon)

So, you want to integrate IntegSmart to your ERP or any other system, but export is not enough? Or you want to pass your orders instantly. API comes to the rescue!


Frequently Asked Questions

Which file formats are supported?

XML, XSLX, CSV file formats are supported for now.

In which ways can I import my files?

You can upload your files manually any time. Or if you want automation, use one of the transfer protocols (FTP/HTTP) instead.

How can I determine fields in XML file nodes?

If you select XML file format from import menu, you'll be asked for an XSLT to lineerize your product data. We may somehow assist you on this!

From how many currencies can I select for imports/exports?

There can be only one base currency for every single project. But you can select your source or destination exchanges as many as you need.

My dealer asks me to deliver my product list to his FTP!

Is that all :) Just configure yourself from export settings, no matter if password protected or not

Can I restrict access to my HTTP exports?

Sure you can! If you provide IP list for your export, system will just ignore the other requests.

I have imported data from my Supplier. But some data is corrupt, so I modified them. What will happen on next import?

All of your data modifications are protected, until you do not want to. If a data is modified by you, its locked for next import. If you don't want it to remain, just uncheck the lock!

All of my product attributes are string labels, but my E-commerce site asks them to be id's from it's database. What will I do?

Busing attribute builder tool, you can map your attributes to External Id's. So everytime our system locates an attribute label from your list, it exports it as attribute but not as string value.

Will I be able to standardise data?

Your data source colors are some kind weird (sunflower for yellow, iris for light blue) huh! Do not try to replace them all, with mapping lists you can define your own datasets, and watch them transform on the fly!

Will I pay any additional fees for setup or support?

No! All you'll pay is just the package price, no setup fees. Prices just varies upon packages.