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What is IntegSmart?

IntegSmart is product information management platform (known as PIM). IntegSmart helps you to centralize all your product information into a single inventory, simplifies modifying product information, manage your catalog and distribute to your sales channels, e-commerce sites and marketplaces.

Goal of IntegSmart

As IntegSmart, our aim is to automate product integration processes between suppliers, vendors and dealers, as well as to simplify operations with a user-friendly interface.

According to our researches on domestic and foreign e-commerce packages that are widely used in the market, we see that e-commerce packages do not offer very manageable systems for incorporating products into the system.

Basically, these types of systems are based on the addition of individual products to the system. And are complicated by the use of a wide variety of non-standard methods when it comes to adding bulk products. Finally, integrator companies come to the rescue and offer institutional software services to integrate on the basis of singular system with exorbitant prices.

Our goal of developing IntegSmart is to integrate all of these processes under one roof as a SaaS application, which you can manage your sistem anywhere, anytime.

At this point, the various institutions are able to manage their products through a single website, with a few clicks of supplier and dealer integrations. The system is so simple and useful at the end user level.

We've also examined the major e-commerce packages that are used so widely in the system. We pre-defined integration routines for these platforms on IntegSmart in order to minimize your effort in integration processes.

In conclusion, starting from scratch as a product management and inventory application, IntegSmart currently consists of enormous engineering solutions in terms of simplification of integration in e-commerce.

Who needs IntegSmart?

E-commerce managers, who are looking for an easy to use PIM software.

Product Vendors, who are looking for an opportunity for a simplified dealer network.

Marketers, who are in search of an omni-channel distribution line.