Product Integration Made Easy

Import, manage and export your products seamlessly.
Anytime, anywhere!

IntegSmart is an easy to use product iformation management (PIM) tool which enables you to define import/export templates for your source and destination points.
IntegSmart automates your import/export processses by scheduling tasks and applying formulas/function on the fly!

Import from any source

Import your products regardless of its format.
IntegSmart is able to import data from any format including excel, csv, xml etc.

Modify and manage products

Edit your product attributes as you wish. Changes may be modified/preserved on next import (update), according to product configuration.

Export your products

Export your products to local file, remote file (ftp) or e-commerce web site, according to your filter settings.


Built for E-commerce Site Managers,Suppliers,Resellers

24x7 Online

Create tasks to import/export your products, even if you're busy.
IntegSmart will work for you!

Data On The Fly

Assign functions to product attributes to modify data on the fly.
IntegSmart will convert currency for you!

Filter Data

Apply filters to your exports.
Integsmart will publish various products to your resellers!

Available Packages


Suitable for startups

$ 99.99 /per month

  • 5,000 Products
  • 5 Sync Threads
  • 5 Imports
  • 5 Exports
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Perfect for SME's

$ 149.99 /per month

  • 50,000 Products
  • 20 Sync Threads
  • 20 Imports
  • 20 Exports
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Best match for corporate companies

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  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Sync Threads
  • Unlimited Imports
  • Unlimited Exports
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